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History Channel 

VideoPosts - Gigantes do Brasil

Posts created to promote History Channel's new show Gigantes do Brasil on the brand's Brazilian Facebook Page.

Copywriter: Ana Rachel Negrão Monteiro



Mentos 

New visual identity created for Mentos' Brazilian Instagram page using mosaic-crafting techniques.


Posts created for Mentos' Brazilian Facebook Page.
 Copywriter: Leonardo Carrara


Mentos was the first brand to use the Play/Pause GamePost video format in Brazil.




Image Posts

Promoção Férias VIP


Facebook Posts created for Mentos' Ementicons campaign on the brand's Brazilian Facebook Page.

Inspired by "Humans of New York", the campaign was created around the characters'

amazing stories as told by real São Paulo citizens

Chupa-Chups  

Posts created for Chupa Chups' Brazilian Facebook Page.

The use of humour and adult thematic was pointed as a best practice by Facebook in 2014.

Copywriter: Marcella Barbieri

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